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  • Historic timber villa from the 1930´s

  • Six bedrooms, with sleeping accommodations for up to 10 people

  • Two bathrooms

  • Sauna with shower on the grounds

  • Fireplace

  • Dining hall with room for 12 people

  • Washing machine on the grounds

The English Fishing Villa at Forsjordet


The English anglers arrived in Vefsna as early as the mid 1800s. Salmon fishing in the river Vefsna was highly popular and the Englishmen started to build their own houses and villas at the best fishing locations near the river.


The fishing at Forsjordforsen was among the best and the Englishmen built a villa at Forsjordet. This villa unfortunately burned down in 1931, but the owner William Farrer started building a new villa immediately. This villa, which is the timber house that is standing today, was finishing in 1933. 

In 1953, after over one hundred years of angling in Vefsna, the English era at Forsjordet had come to an end. The Villa was sold to Ume sportsfiskelag. The Villa was then sold on to Volvo AB in 1968. Volvo also leased exclusive fishing rights to Forsjordio. Volvo used the Villa as a representation resident and invited many business associates to fish with them in Vefsna. Volvo owned the Villa until 1999, when it for the first time came in local possession- Ellen and Bjørn Brodtkorb became the first Norwegian owners of the English Fishing Villa.

The Villa is a great timber house and consists of two floors, in addition to an unfurnished attic. The ground floor includes a kitchen, a dining hall, and a living room with an open fireplace, a hallway, a bathroom and a large veranda. The first floor includes six bedrooms; with as much ten separate beds, and a bathroom. Inside the Villa still have its great timber walls and a remarkable, original fireplace from 1933. There ahs been some modernisations to the Villa, but the building has in high degree kept its original charm and historical sense. The ground surrounding the Villa consists of a large fenced garden with an annex and a sauna house. A small house near the river bank at Naustberget also belongs to the property. The house has a table and a resting place for anglers between sessions.

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