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Fishing in Vefsna 2021!


On the 15th of June 2021 Vefsna will once again start the angling season. We are looking forward to welcoming both new and familiar guests to Vefsna and to Forsjorrdet. 

Again we find ourselves in the unfortunate situation that we are all in the middle of a pandemic. It does not seem likely that we will be able to welcome our foreign guests in 2021, as were the situation i 2020. We will contact those of you this will affect to make arrangements regarding your reservations. We very much hope to be able to welcoming you back in 2022. 

Fishing in Vefsna

Vefsna Fishing offers a package for groups that want to book a stay in the historic Forsjord Villa in combination with exclusive fishing in beat 7, Forsjordio. We do not sell fishing licences to other parts of Vefsna and angling in Forsjordio is only available in combination with a stay at Forsjord Villa. 

If you are looking to fish in other parts of the river, or combine your stay with us with angling in other beats, you kan buy licences at, here or here

The updated rules for fishing in Vefsna 2021 can be read here. 

Ready for the fishing season 2021!


We at Vefsna Fishing are really looking forward to the season and to welcome many enthusiastic anglers to Forsjordet. We think it is especially nice to see that more people who were with us last year will revisit Vefsna in 2021.


At the same time we are always looking forward to welcoming both young and experienced anglers who in 2021 will get their first visit to Vefsna.

From February 3rd most of Vefsna´s fishing licenses will be up for sale at Her you will discovery many different sones and beats that are suitable for both beginners and more advanced anglers.  

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