Fishing in Vefsna 2020!


We are counting down the days and hours until the 2020 season in Vefsna. This year we are looking forward to the season opening on June 15th!

We support Redd Villaksen!

We have long been looking forward to welcoming anglers back to a Vefsna. Finally, in 2018 we had our first season in a river free from gyrodactylus salaris. In order to support the conservation of the wild salmon, in 2017 we donated a stay with fishing, from the opening day in 2018, to Redd Villaksen's annual “salmon auction. is a non-profit foundation that works to ensure viable fish stocks in all Norwegian salmon and sea trout rivers. The board works unpaid on an ideal basis. A special feature of is that they provide direct financial support to a number of important and concrete measures, often in collaboration with other organizations such as Norske Lakseelver and NJFF. Their most important source of income is the annual salmon auction, which is based on generous gifts from river owners, tourist companies, shops, individuals and equipment wholesalers from all over the country. Read more about the work of Redd Villaksen on their website.

Ready for the fishing season 2020!


We at Vefsna Fishing are really looking forward to the season and to welcome many enthusiastic anglers to Forsjordet. We think it is especially nice to see that more people who were with us last year will revisit Vefsna in 2020.


At the same time we are always looking forward to welcoming both young and experienced anglers who in 2020 will get their first visit to Vefsna.

From February 3rd most of Vefsna´s fishing licenses will be up for sale at Her you will discovery many different sones and beats that are suitable for both beginners and more advanced anglers.  

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