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Traveling to Mosjøen

Here you will find some practical advice for your travel to Vefsna and Mosjøen. You will also find some recommended places to see and activities to do while you are visiting beautiful Helgeland. 

Travel to Mosjøen

There are several possible routes for traveling to Vefsna and Mosjøen, which is the closest city to the river Vefsna. If you are considering traveling by car, airplane or by train you will find som advice for means of travel and your route on this page. 

Traveling by car.

There are no problems traveling to Forsjordet by car. In fact there are many scenic routs to take, if you wish to see more of Norway and Helgeland on your way to Vefsna. You can easily follow the road signs for the E6 highway, so finding us should be no problem. You will find more information and a map here.

Traveling by air to Kjærstad airport.

You will find more information on Widerøe´s webpage. 

Traveling to Mosjøen trainstation. 

Train from Oslo or Trondheim is a comfortable way of traveling. You have the possibility of traveling by both day- and night-train and we highly recommend a combination of both if you are traveling by train from Oslo. On the night-train you´ll have the option to sleep in a sleeping-cart, which is quite a comfortable and cosy way to travel to Mosjøen. 

You will find more information om NSB´s webpage. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about traveling to Mosjøen or in planning your trip and stay with us. You will find or contact details here.  

Your stay at Forsjordet and in Mosjøen

Mosjøen is a city with a lot more to offer than just salmon fishing. The city has an interesting history as an industrial city and is today a community with a rich history and culture.  In Mosjøen and Vefsna you will find many different experiences in both cultural-, nature- and culinary form. 

Resturants and Shops
Nature and Adventures
Culture and Events
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